Colossus of Rhodes

1st Prize — Sculpture

by Richard W. Schamus

Colossus of Rhodes website

The original Colossus of Rhodes was built in 303 BC after the island of Rhodes withstood a yearlong attack from Demetrios Poliorcetes, with some help from the Ptolemies of Egypt. The Rhodians sold all the siege gear which Demetrios left behind, and financed a 33m tall statue of Helios, the island's patron deity.

Chares was the sculptor -- Richard is walking in his footsteps.

After this victory, Rhodes became more wealthy and famous and dominated the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Her navies did more than anyone else to put down piracy among the island communities.

As everyone knows, the Colossus was one of the Seven Wonders of the World (a sort of checklist for ancient tourists that was altered from time to time.)

Trivia Question: Martial expanded the usual list of Seven Wonders of the World Do you know which other entry in this contest was called the Eighth Wonder by Martial?

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